An Ever-Growing Story

Are you confused by the “new” way of teaching promoted through standards set by the government and educators?  Are you frustrated trying to help your children with their homework? Are you disappointed/surprised with what they are learning? Are you feeling unsure about your role as parent in a rapidly changing world?  Are you turning to your smart phone for answers and consolation?


I can help.  With over 50 years as teacher and parent, I can give you the tools you need to guide your children.  Learning should be a challenge and a joy for you and your children; it has been for me and my family. You should enjoy what your children know that they can share with you.  You can be proud of what you know and can share with them.  You can be learning together, sharing and talking about all the wonders you experience.

Your Participation Counts

About SSS

SUPPORTING SUPER STUDENTS provides you opportunity to make sure their children have the necessary tools for learning.  When I taught first grade, with the help of parents, my classes became proficient in sounding out words with the sounds and rules I taught.  I gave them the tools they needed to read and write.  We practiced math facts until they came automatically for them to use.  Common core teaching will work if sounds and facts have been memorized so that that thinking and exploration will make sense.  How can children know that 5+5+5+5=20 the same as 10+10=20 the same as (2x5)+(2x5)=20 unless they know basic facts? Teachers use manipulatives to show these facts, but ultimately, children need to have them imprinted in their brains.  Parents can help children practice using easy and fun ways until these facts become imbedded tools.


You have the help of numerous resources on the internet, but as busy as you are, you need to find all resources in one place.  As teacher and parent, I have developed many ways to teach and learn.  My experience has been expanded with the help of technology.


Seeking the best websites and advisors, I save hours of time for you when you turn to SUPPORTING SUPER STUDENTS where you will find ideas, advice, websites, and encouragement to become confident parents and guides for your children.  They need your help to meet the expectations and challenge of the future more than any school.  You are their best teacher, and SUPPORTING SUPER STUDENTS will make sure you are.